Friday, January 28, 2011

My first video game console was made of wood…wood!

Every gamer needs to remember where this industry all stated! I mean go to eBay and buy a frickin old school Pong machine. Even if it’s a little dilapidated and made of wood. Pong was the first console I ever owned, no other games came with it, just Pong! My sister and me played for hours, and this is during the time when the NES was out. Yeah I know that is kinda weird, but it was fun. You learn to really appreciate how far gaming has come. We didn’t even use the term “gaming” or “gamer” then but now it’s part of our regular culture. I actually acquired my cousin’s old NES after he bought a Super NES, and man did it blow my mind. I was late to the party again, did I care, heck no. I was playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for goodness sakes! That was a fun time but not as fun as the Christmas were I received a Nintendo 64. Now I didn’t go all out a tear ass around the place like the YouTube Nintendo 64 kid, but I was damn ecstatic. I played for weeks strait, me and Star Fox and his banned of merry men (and Slippy) flying through space blasting hordes of enemies, it was thrilling.

I play games mostly on my Xbox 360 now but I remember the earlier times fondly. Back then I was always late on the gaming scene, now I’m on top of everything. I guess that comes with the territory though, everything relating to gaming gets published exceptional quickly. Press events and media junkets all showcase games that may not be released for years but we still have intricate knowledge about them. It’s a different time, but a good one. Still I urge people to go back to the roots of gaming, get a pong console. Even check about getting an Atari or Colecovision. Many may forget these dusty machines but I say keep one around for your kid's sake at least.  If future generations can learn to appreciate were we have come from then it will be easier to move forward into the next generation of gaming I say.

Besides I really wont the Wii 2 to have a slick wood grain finish!

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