Sunday, November 6, 2011

Detective Comics #1, 2, and 3

Detective Comics is gruesome. The first issue gives into Joker’s sadistic side: the serial killer clown whom stabs, and stabs, and stabs. Detective Comics #1 is dark visually and tonally. The final panel left me a little more than queasy too. Not for the faint, but I feel this series show’s early shades of greatness.

Tony Salvador Daniel covers both the art and writing, and captures the Dark Knight’s persona fiercely. Batman is a dominating figure, one not to be taken lightly. The cops hate him; only Gordon is on his side. The vigilante Batman is a more fitting, albeit non traditional environment. One that makes Gotham a hostile place even for Batman himself.

The focus, for issue #1, is really on the forever nemeses’ Batman and Joker. Tied at the hit these men are, but Joker is still a step ahead. What’s his plan; can Batman even comprehend his mad mind? Batman is just as confused as the audience is. The more Bat’s has to think, the more the reader becomes bonded to the narrative. The first issue is shadowy and paints a Mona Lisa like picture...only her face is removed.

Chills run down my spine as I flip through the pages of Detective Comics #2. Tony Salvador Daniel’s tale has my stomach in knots. Detective Comics is in a whole different area of madness. The villains are prosperously deviant. The imagery is downright disturbing. And I’m literally uncomfortable looking upon some of the panels.

Detective Comics is mercilessly tugging at my heart. These are rough reads in some areas. Once again the last panel is so gut wrenching and brutal. I struggle to find the path Tony S. Daniel is paving for us. Put I’m following along. Willingly.

The Dollmaker enters as a soon to be revered villain. If he survives Tony S. Daniel’s story arc I’d say the Dollmaker has made himself a name in the Batman bad-guy library. Detective Comics #3 has Batman face to mutilated face with this new foe: One that rips the organs from his victims and transplants them onto others.

Dollmaker and his patchwork family have Batman on his heels. I’m aghast to see the great detective Batman completely out of the loop. Even in a situation of obvious double-crossing. The potentially grizzly fate of Batman may have come at the hands of a mere child!

Detective Comics is unapologetically repugnant – leaving your skin clamming like a good horror flick. And I couldn’t stop reading! The visuals mesh so well with the writing, it’s a creepy medley. One that can’t be missed by those looking for the best out of the “New 52” run.

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