Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mobile look: Groove Coaster

Played on the iPhone

Like my favorite rhythm game Rez, Groove Coaster is an inventive game that gives the feeling of creation. Having a simplistic visual style, you control almost nothing as the entire game is on rails. As the funky beats sound nodes pop on the screen, touch them to unleash the song -- that’s the game, just touching to make music, but it’s very addictive.

Each song is no longer than 2 minutes or so, great for just a quick hit of gaming while on the go or waiting around. I found myself getting through a few songs while at work. Most of the tracks are electronic downtempo hip-hop and Japanese pop. But the lyrics and the entirety of the song never really get played out in full until on harder difficulties.

The casual fun is there in Groove Coaster, but it turns into a real game once you play on hard. Along with shorter times between each touch of the screen, swipes, scratches and increasingly more difficult presses are required to complete the tune.

While I love music, like most people I have little ability to make it. Games like Rez and Groove Coaster shine with how they entice you to make the song grow. It’s the closest thing a non-musician can get to producing – I love that.

Not a long game, but unlockable skins and sprites that change the graphics makes you want to keep playing, but its really just the ability to play through a handful of tracks then get back to your day that makes Groove Coaster a joy. 

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