Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim trailer analysis

The first gameplay footage for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has just been unleashed to the masses with a shiny new trailer. First thing that you want to notice, I know it's hard to see but if you really squint your eyes --you'll notice that this game is gorgeous. Stupid's almost laughable how good this game looks. The sweeping camera angles show beautiful vistas: snowy mountain ranges, abandoned ruins, dense forests, and flowing brooks next to villages. It's really a spectacle, but the gameplay is what people wanted to see. We knew the game was going to look good (it's nice to hear that NPC's are all getting facelifts to make them look more...human), but we just wanted a snippet of the revamped combat system that has been detailed--- not shown. 

Showcased was a icy clash between our protagonist --our so called "Dragonborn" hero-- and the main threat plaguing Skyrim and if not held in check all of the adjacent lands; Dragons. Well we don't get a definitive look at gameplay from an FPS perspective; it looks like it will be quite an advisory, one surely not to be taken lightly. Many smaller enemies are shown throughout: Ogre's or mountain trolls of some sort, wolves and undead/skeleton warriors. But lets be honest, I could see all these enemies just being fodder for my blade...but when I walk out into the open I'm always going to look skyward --cause you never know when a Dragon may swoop down and wish to tangle. It should be an exhilarating feeling, one that keeps you on your toes. 

A few other things are revealed such as the use of left and right hand weaponry: a focus for the combat for Skyrim. Stealth, magic, archery; all are on display. At 1:43 in the video we see what looks like some new finishing blow type of a move: something that was detailed in GameInformer -- when an enemy is weak you can go in and have a more satisfying cinematic killing shot to finish them off. The "Dragon Shout" ability is also shown --which allows you the use of previous slain dragons' abilities. It's hard to see what the "Dragon Shout" actually does in the trailer --besides make the dragon angrier-- but we can see the after-battle absorption of the fallen Dragon and our hero gaining a new ability. 

I really am pumped after seeing this, and I know the hardcore Elder Scrolls fans are too. Can't wait to see more in the coming months. Here's hoping it actually gets released this year.

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