Tuesday, March 1, 2011

3 years N+


Death and taxes are inevitable…add in dying constantly in N+ and you’ll have my life in a nutshell. You could put on my tombstone, “Donntae,  an outstanding, charismatic, respectful individual and a great person…. but damn did he blow at N+. I mean that guy really sucked.” It’s been 3 years and I’m still lousy at N+. Trust me it’s not from lack of trying, I love platformers – I was raised on them. And I’ve busted my butt trying to get further into this game. Yet every time I say, “I’m going to get further, I’m gonna beat it, I’m determined”, I trip on a mine or fall to my death, or get blasted to little tiny pixels.

It’s an inevitable outcome; I just suck at this game! It makes it all the more humiliating when I see my close friends rocket up the leader boards with spectacular times that I couldn’t fathom getting. This isn’t something new – I’m terrible at Geometry Wars, yet I still try and “man up” and achieve a respectable score, only to fail miserably.

I just don’t know what it is either. Sure the game has floaty physics and your so-called “ninja” slides along the ground like he’s on a greased up skillet. But I should be able to overcome said factors, I mean they made the physics and character movement the way they did for a reason.  Don’t ask me what that reason is, but it’s something. I’ve played some hard platformers before….N+ is the exception. 

I feel ashamed; as a gamer I’m supposed to adapt. I’ve been doing it for years. If kamikaze ninja’s are giving me a hard time in Ninja Gaiden I don’t whine about it, I pick my balls up and get the job done and I teach the game a lesson, it’s not going to push me around – I improve on my own imperfections. If I keep placing 2nd in Forza I race on – repetition is the name of “the game”, and I’m a master of “the game”…just not N+.

It’s just dying; dying is so demeaning in N+. You feel like it’s absolutely unequivocally and 100% your fault, you loser! I half expect a voice shouting at me to give up and go play another game. Yet despite all this -- even questions on why I downloaded the game in the first place. I still keep going back. And I die, die, and die over and over again. Because some day I’m going to beat it…I just hope it doesn’t take another 3 years!

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