Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Does Sony need a PSP2?

Why does Sony insist on trying to expand into the portable market; it’s not as wide open as once thought. The iPhone and the Nintendo DS (which is set to release a successor that will undoubtedly surpass the PSP2 sales wise) are seen as the clear winners in the handheld market; something Sony shouldn’t even bother with. Focus on the PS3. Sony, you’re making real headway in the home console market and the potential to leapfrog the Xbox 360 has never been more possible prior to 2011.

The PSP2 or NGP, as it is called at the moment. Just doesn’t get me interested at all. Sure the 3DS may seem gimmicky, with the 3D visual aspect. But I remember thinking the same about the original DS and it’s two screens. The PSP2 is going to have some astounding visuals, I’m sure. But the 3rd party support for the original PSP wasn’t there, nothing so far makes me think that is going to change.

The handheld market isn’t oversaturated at the moment. But I think that the audience has segregated themselves slightly. One group likes the DS; the other enjoys the casual lineup of the iPhone. Where does the PSP2 fit? Is it the hardcore gamers portable system? Maybe that is Sony’s mentality, “this is the portable device for the hardcore gamer”. But that’s just it; I don’t think there is a hardcore handheld market. Casual games dominate the handheld landscape, and the lineup for the PSP just doesn’t have these pick-up-and-play games that the iPhone and DS have.

The PSP2/NGP is really just a portable PS3. That’s what it is! I mean the first title is an Uncharted game. If I wanted to play that I’d play it on my home console; the games that are on the DS usually aren’t on the Wii. The PSP2 just seems like a pointless endeavor, one that is going to backfire. I mean has Sony had any return in investment on the PSP? They must have or else they wouldn’t have green lit the development for a successor. I don’t know…I just don’t see who the audience is. I know for sure, it’s not me. The 3DS looks amazing!

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