Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Green Lantern Emerald Warriors Issue #3

“Last Will/ Lie of the Mind”

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils: Fernando Pasarin
Inking: Cam Smith

Guy Gardner is infected from the Red Lantern ring he once possessed during the Blackest Night; Sodam Yat is back! Much to no ones surprise.

Atrocitus fearing that Guy would get the Red Lantern taint out of his system sends Bleez—what a name—to make sure Gardner does no such thing. The thinking being that Guy may need to double-whammy that comes from having two powers flowing through his body, just in case the defecation hits the oscillation…you know what I mean!

I truly enjoy a comic more when it opens with a nice fight. Emerald Warriors #3 has a nice ring-sling on the Blue Lantern Planet. Pasarin has a knack for drawing Power Ring constructs in interesting ways. And each panel shows the action at a unique angle.

Sodam Yat crashed onto his home planet, Daxam—seemingly being spit out by the sun he once powered; now his people worship him as a god…while others hunt him for the power that was zapped from them upon Sodam un-melding with their nearby star.

Unknown to anybody yet—in the Unknown Sectors of space, as it were—Lanterns are being drawn to a guy named Zardor; draining the life from them gives him telepathy.

Guy Gardner suspects that some source is draining the Green Lantern Corps rings from some unknown location. He just doesn’t know where. Deciding against getting the Red Lantern infection dissolved from his body he instead risks his life—but that’s what Guy does anyway—and takes Red Lantern, Bleez with him to scope out this galactic disturbance.

Within the span of just three issues I’ve enjoyed Emerald Warriors far more than either Green Lantern Corps or Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern. And Emerald Warriors seems like it’s headed in a cool direction.

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