Thursday, May 26, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Improvements

Details about Modern Warfare 3—I like to call it MW3, don’t steal that! – Have been leaking to the Interwebs for the past few weeks. So I thought it’s time to write some things I’d like to see in the next installment in the Call of Duty—I like to call it COD, for short, don’t steal that either -- franchise

For multiplayer, have any and all guns from previous COD’s be useable throughout the ranking process. Singelplayer obviously should stay canon to the modern era weapons, but multiplayer should be able to deviate and feature guns from World War I & II and everything in between.

Likelihood: Not a chance

Killstreaks shouldn’t stack upon each other. COD Black Ops was the first to feature non-stacking killstreaks. In Modern Warfare 2 it’s just too common to see someone earning a chopper off an Airstrike or lesser Killstreak; “The rich get richer”, they really did in MW2. Not having Killstreaks pile on top of each other isn’t the end-all-be-all to balancing Killstreaks, but it’s definitely a start.

Likelihood: Highly

You only earn Killstreaks from shooting someone (knifing is fine as well). Nothing else! No grenade, Grenade launcher (noob tubes), Claymore or other ancillary kills count towards your Killstreak. You physically have to shoot someone or knife to have it count towards a streak. Simple.

Likelihood: Plausible

Infinite re-spawns for enemies. Are you kidding me? Why—during a fast-paced singelplayer—why have enemies continuously standing in your way? Modern Warfare 2 did take out infinitely spawning bad guys. It still returned for Black Ops, but a different studio designed Black Ops, and they have different ways of doing things. With Infinity Ward being back at the helm hopefully things will become less about blindingly running forward--hoping you don’t get shot and more about you and your squad cutting down foes together. Oh and the A.I. in Black Ops was shit too.

Likelihood: Very

I’m laughing as I’m thinking about this…I’m just thinking of all the new features that Treyarch put in Black Ops my favorite mode was the Theater Mode. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, or a bad thing? I don’t really need to say much about this. I just love having a really good match, or my friend had a good game—The game automatically saves it and allows me to view it. Even cut clips up and show them to others. It’s all about the community when it comes to Call of Duty so keeping the Theater Mode feature from Black Ops is a must.

Likelihood: Plausible

I was opposed to co-op in previous COD’s, as I really just wanted to have the story unhindered by someone else. Whether or not my co-op buddy was helping or hurting me didn’t matter, I just wanted to play through the story and experience it in the most cinematic way. And having co-op can hinder that cinematic appeal.

I don’t care anymore. Give me co-op. 4 player co-op if possible. I’ve become numb to most of the storylines featured in each COD, now I just want to have fun. And I think co-op would add to that. It was definitely boring as hell in Call of Duty World at War, but that game was pretty boring overall, so co-op wasn’t going to save it. Games like Halo have always found ways to keep co-op throughout, and it never hurt the story experience. Yet Infinity Ward has stuck by their claim that cooperative story mode isn’t what they’re into. Fair enough.

Likelihood: Don’t count on it.

There’s some more, how should I put it—more nerdy things? --I’d like to see in Modern Warfare 3. Most of which are favorite weapons and such—Vector FTW! For now this is what I’d like to see in MW3. I may expand on this list as the months go on; I’m planning to play through both COD4: Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare 2 again and dissect the good and bad of both games: Singelplayer and Multiplayer.

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