Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Green Lantern Corps Issue #55

“The Weaponer Part 3”

Writer: Tom Bedard
Pencils: Tyler Kirkham
Inking: Batt

“The Weaponer Part 3” of Green Lantern Corps #55 is one long battle. Not much else transpires. Not that I’m complaining, but there’s not a lot of meat on the bones. That seems to be the gist of “Brightest Day” I’ve yet to read anything that doesn’t feel like appetizer.

I certainly like the concept of The Weaponer. Although his weapon seems more like a Deus Ex Machina – which ends what would be a long drawn out action scene with a heavy thud. The Weaponer takes out four Green Lantern Corpsmen in single panels, erasing what suspense the scene would have had.

The reason to read this issue is to learn why Atrocitus, Ganthet, and Guy Gardner formed a partnership. It’s fairly benign, their alliance is logical and frankly it didn’t need to be kept a secret…at least to the audience. The plot to “Brightest Day” seems flimsy and my interest is waning.

As a full trade “Brightest Day” may be worth a casual readers time. For those of us who can’t wait, it’s a chore to read issue to issue. Small revelations aside, nothing the “Blackest Night” or the “Brightest Day” have done matches the stellar “Sinestro Corps” saga.

Dare I say, "He just got rocked!?" Yeah that was lame, I'll leave now. 

Not every individual comic can be a masterpiece – Green Lantern Corps #55 is average; conceptually The Weaponer is pretty neat, be he’s a stop-gap villain. A nice lean story with no needless waste would be nice…but we can’t seem to get that.

Green Lantern Corps #55 feels like padding, but the saving grace is the rich art. Both Kirkham and Batt’s art unite to create some great pages. It’s very modern, some of the lighting effects and motion blurring can only be achieved through Photoshop; it’s contemporary, and I’m not the biggest fan sometimes. In this instance I am a fan -- it’s strikingly bright and beautiful.

Next issue of Green Lantern Corps #55 should be the just a big relentless clash as the Sinestro Corps busts into the place. Would have loved Sinestro to bring his ugly mug to the party, still the Sinestro Corps alone should juice things up.  

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