Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Batman & Robin #1 Review

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils: Patrick Gleason
Inker: Mick Gray

“Born to Kill”

Batman is back. Damian, his son, definitely doesn’t care for his dear old father much at all. Especially when given the option to kill. Dick Grayson was handling the cape and cowl while Batman was thought to be deceased. Damian (legitimate son between Bruce and Talia Al Ghul) was the new Boy Wonder, Robin. Now that daddy is back Damian has to learn what being partners is all about.

Damian needs to stop killing people, that would be a start – stop nuking people and Batman may trust you more, may. Curtailing Damian’s lack of compassion would take away the most fascinating part of this new volume of Batman & Robin: Damian really loathes his father, and Bruce wants to instill some values into a person who doesn’t think twice about murder.

Issue #1 just wants to put a foot down and say to the audience, “Yes this story will be a father son relationship…but with crime fighters.” And that’s where my eyes widened. At the thought of Batman actually having to show affection while trying not to get killed, and instilling discipline in his child.

While reading one thought came to mind -- Damian is like the darker side of Bruce. That little malicious side of Bruce’s mind that he tries to lock away. Damian represents the ferocious killer inside of Bruce that he’s trained to keep down. But his son has a personality of his own; Batman can’t just contain him like he did his own feelings.

DC’s “New 52” features about four different Batman trades, not including spinoffs; each will need it’s own voice to separate it from another. Batman & Robin is clearly going to center on Bruce and Damian learning to live with each other. Batman & Robin #1 is one of the better releases from DC this month, most definitely worth a read.

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